Weddings and Sacred Occasions

Celebrations and special occasions are among our most memorable moments in life. Birth, coming of age, marriage, special anniversaries, and celebrations of life are just some of the sacred events we observe in our lives. 

As a legally ordained minister with Universal Life Church and the Order of Melchizedek, as well as an initiated Priestess in the Order of Magdalen, I work in a broad, deep, and nondenominational space to provide the design and delivery of your sacred occasion. 

In addition to design and officiation of your wedding, I am also available to provide design and/or facilitation of:

Mother blessing ceremonies

Baby blessings/baptisms

Menarche rites or parties

Graduation blessings

Memorials or celebrations of life

Contact me to discuss your sacred occasion and learn how I can help you to make a memorable and profound moment in time last for your lifetime.

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