A healing modality dating back to the 1800s, homeopathy supports the body's own self-healing at a very deep level, encompassing the physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual realignment of one's being. Healing from injury and illness as well as emotional support are beautiful benefits of homeopathy.





Integrated Energy Therapy™

Angelic channeled healing to support your self-transformation; IET™ addresses old imprints of memory, trauma, and emotional pain that have created blocks in the energy field. Through this modality, you can shift your own consciousness and find liberation from old and limiting beliefs and defenses as you evolve into who you are meant to be!



With over 15 years' experience and practice, I can work directly with you to create a yoga practice that supports your everyday life, and I am available to teach private group lessons as well. 



Meditation and Breathing

Using these techniques from classical yoga methodology, you can promote deeper peace and stability in your life and your daily routines. You may experience healing and a greater sense of well-being through using regular practice of meditation and breathwork.



Intuitive guidance is a truly unique experience that I offer to you. Words do not properly illustrate nor convey the nature of this special work that is part of my shared gift. When we are in a sacred space, I am able to read your energy field and resonate at a deeply empathic level to understand what your experience is and how to get to the heart and core of any wounds or themes you are ready to heal and shift. 





Initial Homeopathic Consultation: 1.5-2 hours - $250.00 

​Initial Energy Healing Consultation: 1.5-2 hours - $180.00

Follow-Up Consultations:

45 minutes (homeopathy only) $100.00

60 minutes (energy healing) $125.00

90 minutes (energy healing) $165.00

Yoga sessions: private lessons or group lessons: 

Contact me to discuss arrangements and rates

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