About Marnie (Medha)

Marnie Medha McKnight-Favell
IET™ Master-Instructor
Ordained Minister and Priestess of Magdalen


I have been an empath and a healer my entire life. As a child, I had an awareness of the invisible realms of existence and lived with a profound sensitivity to the world around me. 

When I was 20, I experienced an illness that prompted a deep spiritual shift and realization of my Starseed nature. This experience awakened my deep knowledge of healing, and led me to study natural and alternative healing modalities working with frequencies and energy. 

During my twenties and early thirties, I underwent an intensive seeker's journey, receiving training and initiation in energy healing, Divine Feminine mysteries, homeopathy, and yoga. I continue my studies in earnest and center my life around my yoga practice, thanks to the blessings and guidance of my Bapuji, Swami Shri Ashutosh Muni. 

My work supports the shift in consciousness away from the outmoded patriarchal structure and systems. As we shed inherited patterns of disempowerment and subjugation, we are recreating the paradigm of this existence. A new approach is needed, and we are all responsible for our individual healing and growth to uphold this new paradigm. You have your own unique gifts to offer to this world. You may still be developing them, or you may be moving past old fears of fully embodying your gifts. We work together to support you in this embodiment, through a uniquely customized series of healing sessions, weaving together intuitive guidance, channeled frequency healing, homeopathic guidance, and techniques used in yoga and meditation. Let's talk about how you can harness these methods to help transition yourself into your new way of being. 

Weddings and Sacred Occasions

Celebrations and special occasions are among our most memorable moments in life. Birth, coming of age, marriage, special anniversaries, and celebrations of life are just some of the sacred events we observe in our lives. 

As a legally ordained minister with Universal Life Church and the Order of Melchizedek, as well as an initiated Priestess in the Order of Magdalen, I work in a broad, deep, and nondenominational space to provide the design and delivery of your sacred occasion. 

In addition to design and officiation of your wedding, I am also available to provide design and/or facilitation of:

Mother blessing ceremonies

Baby blessings/baptisms

Menarche rites or parties

Graduation blessings

Memorials or celebrations of life

Contact me to discuss your special event or your healing vision!

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