Transformational healing in a transformative time.

Marnie Medha McKnight-Favell
Rewrite History: Remember your Herstory!

We are all feeling the collective shift in consciousness during these profoundly changing times. You are awakening to all new aspects of yourself. Sometimes our Self-discovery process comes in the form of personal challenges, crisis, or major life changes. 

I am here to help guide, illuminate, and support you as you move into the empowered, soverign be-ing that you are meant to become.

Through a customized approach of healing support including energy healing, homeopathy, intuitive guidance, and channeled divine frequency, you and I weave a sacred space where you can deeply shift old patterns of thought and emotion, habits, and imprints that have been holding you back from your own personal evolution. 

We are also in the time of the reawakening of the Divine Feminine, and I support this collective shift through my work with you privately, in groups, and through classes, workshops, and retreats.

Discover how to connect with your deeper Self and realize your personal empowerment!

Offices in the Hudson Valley, NY

Worldwide support 

Remote private sessions available

Classes, workshops, retreats

All Is Love

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