Woman Ascending: A Sacred Gathering Tribe for Divine Feminine Activation

Woman Ascending: A Sacred Gathering Tribe for Divine Feminine Activation

Embodying the New Goddess Archetypes

Work Directly With Marnie to Anchor Your Divine Feminine Nature!


What we are doing:  Activating and Accelerating the Divine Feminine Consciousness

Who is taking part: All Warrior Women! For the Priestesses, Initiates, Activists, Seekers, Mothers, Healers, Sisters, Wives, Lovers WORLDWIDE

We each have the goddess within us, and we express Her energies in ways that are unique to each of us. We are in a time of great change, where the shifts of the planet, environmental change, and global consciousness are felt by ALL. It is time for each of us to become crystal clear about who we are and how we will harness our gifts to help facilitate this change and to create the world that represents Love and Unity.

This work is for you if you:

  • Are feeling ignited to be part of a global shift in consciousness
  • Feel urged to stand up in the face of oppression in light of recent world events
  • Want to receive channeled healing and transmissions from Divine Mother
  • Resonate with the esoteric teachings of Mary Magdalen, or want to learn more
  • Are ready to heal self-limiting beliefs and energy blocks around self, relationships, and money
  • Yearn to recalibrate, realign, and expand your own energy field and anchor your sovereignty

We are meeting in online healing circles as well as in-person events and retreats. 

There will be seven focused modules for our online healing circles. Each module will offer a healing space around each of the seven chakras. Within this exploration, we will:

  • Study archetypes and themes of each chakra to gain a clearer understanding of the psychological and energetic nature of the chakras
  • Examine your own individual triggers or imbalances within each chakra
  • Participate in transformative healing work to shift and recalibrate your consciousness 
  • Deepen your own empowered archetype within each chakra
  • Heal and shift your consciousness around relationships with self and others, money, and work.

Subscriptions – Choose the level of Alchemy you desire to receive:

  1. Aqua Vitae: ‎Seven 15-minute guided audio meditations. $33.00
  2. Moondew: Seven 30-minute energy healing audio-video gatherings PLUS seven 15-minute guided audio meditation.  $77.00
  3. Myrrh: Seven 15-minute guided audio meditations PLUS seven 30-minute energy healing audio-video gatherings, PLUS 1 private 45 minute healing session with Marnie. $155.00
  4. Ormus: Seven 15-minute guided audio meditations PLUS seven 30-minute energy healing audio-video gatherings PLUS seven Activation modules… PLUS!! 3 private 45 minute healing sessions with Marnie.  $333.00

Series begins on DECEMBER 6, 2016 via ZOOM


Module 1: December 6

Module 2: January 17

Module 3: March 7

Module 4: April 11

Module 5: May 9

Module 6: July 11

Module 7: September 12

Curriculum Overview:

Module 1: Root Chakra Connection, Grounding, Tribe, Psychic Self-Protection

Module 2: Sacral Chakra Creativity, Healing Sexual Wounds, Enabling the Flow

Module 3: Solar Plexus Chakra Transmuting Stress and Anchoring Empowerment

Module 4: Heart Chakra From Loneliness to Oneness: Healing & Magnetizing the Heart

Module 5: Throat Chakra Liberating Your Voice, Speaking Your Truth With Integrity

Module 6: Third Eye Chakra Developing Sacred Sight, Intuition, Clarity

Module 7: Crown Chakra Connecting All Points to Source: Sovereignty to Sweet Surrender

During this series, we will be working with Angels, Guides, Guardians, Ascended Masters and Teachers, and Divine Mother. You will be guided and nurtured through gentle yet profound channeled energy transmissions of healing and channeled messages and teachings. Marnie McKnight-Favell will be your facilitator and guide during this series.

One Day In-Person Events provide you with powerful healing and activations. During this time, you will:

  • Explore the archetypal roles of the Feminine
  • Identify your archetype(s)
  • Heal core wounds that are distorting your self-love and achievement
  • Recalibrate to a new level of relating to yourself and others in relationships and professional work
  • Discover new ways of perceiving your gifts

The FEAST OF THE MAGDALEN 4 DAY RETREAT IS AN EXCEPTIONAL SACRED GATHERING. For those women who feel the intrinsic call to assemble, you can expect to:

  • Convene with your sacred family in the Magdalen sisterhood
  • Experience a new depth of loving comprehension of your Self and Others in sacred tribe
  • Dream your vision into BE-ing through powerful manifestation circle
  • Receive recalibration and activation through high-level energy healing work
  • Feel deeply supported and inspired through a ritual of honoring  
  • Realize your empowered, prosperous, and liberated TRUTH

Contact Marnie to learn more about your role in this work, or to enroll in one of these catalyst events!

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About Marnie:



Marnie McKnight-Favell is a healer, energy channel, and Priestess of Magdalen.

Her work supports the activation and acceleration of Divine Mother consciousness on the planet. Marnie works with women who are mothers, birth professionals, healers, teachers, and activists around the globe to help you to anchor nurturing, integration, and empowerment within your entire being.