Nourishing Nest

Nourishing Nest – for Postpartum Support

Making postpartum adjustments is critical for all mothers. Even after an uncomplicated delivery, mothers require rest and healing. When your birth experience is marked by medical complications, traumatic interventions, or unexpected outcomes, the healing becomes more complex – physically, emotionally, spiritually. This can take time and requires deep support.

If your birth experience was complicated or left you feeling distressed, you are not alone. Under average conditions, a new mother must allow her body to heal, adjust to sleep deprivation and learn to adapt to her new baby’s feeding cues and needs, and make emotional adjustments to the new family structure. When a birth does not go as planned, this process is more complex. Your body may need to heal from medical or surgical procedures or a trauma during or after birth. Emotionally, you may be feeling deep sadness, grief, fear, or anger about your experience. You may be feeling angry towards yourself and others. These feelings are multi-faceted and deserve attention and loving care.

Nourishing Nest is ideally suited for Postpartum Moms who have experienced trauma, either during pregnancy, during labor and delivery, or postpartum trauma.

Benefits of this work include finding peace, forgiveness, and returning to a sense of safety and trust of your body. Transform your relationship with your child. Experience an improved relationship with your partner, and more ease of being in the world. Deepen your self-love and self-care.

For mothers who are in the initial stages of processing birth trauma or postpartum struggles. Ideal for a new mom, but equally appropriate for anyone within the first 3 years postpartum. Suitable for women who feel they are not making natural transitions, struggling for connection, having difficulty caring for themselves, or for a difficult adjustment period. For mothers experiencing significant overwhelm, needing deep support.

Overview of services: Energy healing support ideal for the postpartum period and in the early years of motherhood. 

Includes: Two one-hour private sessions per month for a total of 12 sessions, with a weekly check-in and inquiry work. (a 6 month commitment)

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