You have the ability to transmute the trauma and restore trust.

The work we do together will help facilitate this experience.  I can help you to find clarity within yourself, and to transform from a place of grief, pain, or stuck-ness to a place of empowerment, freedom, joy, and creative flow. This is a gradual process and requires deep support.

We collaborate to help you move into this space through self-inquiry and therapeutic energy work.

These unique support programs I provide to you weave are designed to help you to get back to balance, love, and self-nurturing. As a homeopath, I also offer a homeopathic model of constitutional support for you. Inquire with me about my homeopathic services within my practice. 

The services and programs I offer are ideal for you if you have experienced birth trauma, postpartum issues, or difficulty making adjustments to motherhood. 

While I specialize in Birth Trauma healing, I also serve and support women who have experienced all trauma, and so you are invited to contact me to learn more about how my body of healing work can uniquely support your profound healing process at this time.

You can book a Clarity Session with me to discuss your needs at this time and to learn how my healing work can support you in your process.
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Nourishing Nest is a program offering deep support through discussion and energy healing work. It is suitable for all clients experiencing a shift in circumstance, healing from a trauma, or needing support around a difficult experience. This program is especially helpful for new mothers.

A bit more about how Nourishing Nest supports new mothers:
Nourishing Nest is designed to aid and support you during your time of healing from a traumatic birth experience, a postpartum issue, or a difficult pregnancy. This program helps you to safely and gently address the emotional pain body of your experience and to transform the experience into self-love, deep acceptance, trust, and safety.

Illumination is an expansion of the work offered in Nourishing Nest, with the additional dimensions of direct coaching, instruction of tools and techniques for daily practice, and in-between session check-in.

Ideal for anyone seeking deeper and more dynamic and proactive support of the healing and processing journey. You will be guided to find greater clarity and insight to support your path. Illumination is perfectly suited for mothers who are processing birth trauma or postpartum struggles. Find peace and forgiveness, returning to a sense of safety and trust of yourself and body. Letting go of anxiety and rediscovering your liberated self are rapid benefits from our work together. Live a life of clarity, freedom, and true creative expression.

Overview: Customized energy healing and coaching, building upon the support in Nourishing Nest, but including guidance in conscious breath work, meditation and yoga techniques, journaling, and more.

Synthesis is an expansion of the support provided in Nourishing Nest and Illumination. It is a synthesis of modalities including homeopathic support in addition to therapeutic energy healing and meditation work.  Homeopathy can promote gentle yet deep shifts on several levels – physically and consciously.

Below is a short descriptive of the types of approaches utilized in my practice at Dragonfly Holistic.

Coaching:  Spirit-centered coaching gets to the heart of your current place in your process and gives you the tools you need to source your inner guidance, find clarity, and become empowered to take steps forward on your path.  Active Listening and intuitive feedback support the coaching process.

Energy Healing: During a session, you can relax and receive Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy®, to help transmute blocks or discordant energies in your energy field.  

Meditation techniques: Receive guided meditation which specifically addresses your current situation.  Learn steps to restructure your thought process and attitude, using techniques to benefit your everyday life. You will also experience meditation techniques to promote deeply relaxed states of consciousness and personal insight.

Homeopathic consultations: Homeopathic consultations, both constitutional and acute, provide a complementary approach for the whole family, to  recalibrate your being on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Many families seek homeopathic care for their children as well as for the adults in the family. 

Ministerial Services: As an ordained interfaith minister, I provide spiritual and ministerial counsel to my clients using a non-denominational approach.

A branch of my role as interfaith minister includes ceremony design and officiation for life’s most special occasions including weddings, pregnancy blessingway ceremonies, baby’s baptism, and much more. With my work in women’s mysteries, I delight in designing and facilitating sacred ceremonies for girls and women to mark rites of passage such as adolescence, menarche, engagement, pregnancy, and menopause.