The 11:11 Portal and Choosing The Open Doorway

Mary Magdalen

On the 11:11 Portal

Channeled by Marnie (Medha) McKnight-Favell




How good that you have kept your heart open at this time. How good that you have taken the time to channel the emotions of so many, and to hold that space. And yet to maintain perspective and a centered focus. 

How good to know that at this time, so many are shaking off the dust of sleep, the complacency. 

The time now, for people to rise, into the next dimension, has been happening. And it continues now. For this is the next phase. And so there is a great opportunity for those who seek it, and those who choose it, to simply step through that door now.

Now is a time to open eyes, and to cast light upon Truth.

This, done in a 5th dimensional manner, can truly be done through focused intention and a heart-centered approach.

Polarity is not necessary in the 5th dimensional frequency, and therefore, if you are feeling angry, upset – if this is the energy that fuels you, then you are asked at this time, beloveds, to purify, to address, to heal and integrate that energy, and this is an opportunity to heal what you perceive to be polarities within your field.  Heal those, and ascend.

In moving into 5th dimensional consciousness, manifestation is free for the picking.

It may appear, beloveds, that around you, that this is not a reality, that this is not a possibility, even. But you are asked to look with different eyes. Make a choice. 

And if you feel compelled to act and to assist within the 3rd dimensional realm – while many are still vibrating and resonating within that realm, and if you feel compelled to assist, and support, and guide during this time and this space, then please follow your heart and do so. And be open to and aware of the higher dimensional frequencies that may be beckoning.

And yet they are simply there. They are simply available. Your soul may be seeking them.

Do not fear. These doors are open. They do not close. 

Yet there are times that are most auspicious to step through those doors. Now is one of those times.

This time we are being invited to cast light upon all of the shadows to integrate the trauma and pain of past experiences so that it becomes part of the body of wisdom that you carry.

In carrying that body of wisdom, you are able to open your heart, open your mind, and become aligned with a much higher level of mastery and of co-creation in this realm.

If you are hearing this, you are a leader. You are one of the beings standing at the forefront of this next wave of consciousness, this next wave of opening.

May you use this time and this awareness to fully heal old wounds. These wounds that date back many millennia, to other societies, to other times, to other structures and cultures.

Look deeply within your heart. Be willing to heal. Be willing to strive for integrity and a greater sense of Truth, aligned with Divine Love and Divine Will. 

Through this process, and through this period of time, much can be accomplished. So take heart, beloveds. 

Now is the time.

It is your time if you choose it.

It is for you if you choose it. The glory of your divine mission unfolding here on this earth and throughout all worlds and times. With much love, I send blessings that your heart may be filled.

Transmuting the Toxic Patriarchy – How to Anchor During This Election Process


Yesterday, I sat in meditation and opened a channel of communication with Mary Magdalen, requesting some guidance and insight around my upcoming healing circle this Friday at the Yoga Way center in Wappingers Falls. What came forth was certainly different than what I’d anticipated, but such is working with Divine will and surrendering personal agenda.

These words have to do with the grip that the current political climate and this Presidential election cycle have on the collective consciousness of the U.S. – and the world, for these events ripple throughout the planet.

For many weeks now, I have been constantly ruminating, reflecting upon the larger messages of the discord and intensification of the current state of affairs in US politics, and how this is really a reflection of our own shadows, ignorance, friction borne of change, potential, and growth. So it should not have come as a surprise that this was the conversation that took place yesterday. Below is the transcription of the channeled message.

Mary Magdalen Message

October 11, 2016

Beloveds, what seems an upheaval at this time is, in essence, a hologram and a reflection that echoes back many millennia.

For what we are observing in the media about the current state of politics and as you say upheaval in this current political climate is but the culmination of circumstance that has been present for thousands of years.

Where the contributions and the leadership of women, of the divine feminine, of the principle of the feminine consciousness has been not only subjugated, but distorted and misused.

This energy, this consciousness, and this principle is a “missing link” in evolution, and for a cycle of 2000 years and more we have been witnessing the deleterious effects of the patriarchal political religious global order. And these systems as we know them have been foretold for just as many years to come into change now. It is time now for these last vestiges of the old model, the old paradigm, to be transmuted, beloveds.

To be transmuted means to take the one form and to reform it into a sublimated form of the substance. And so a brand new substance becomes the product of the original substance.

So we say beloveds that what you perceive as the patriarchy going away is actually the patriarchy changing form to that of the matriarchal consciousness. And so what is happening here is indeed the dissolution of structures that have been set in place that do not serve the highest good of humanity, nor do they serve the good of global or cosmic consciousness.

But it is not the actual destruction of the patriarchy that is being called forth at this time, beloveds. It is the transmutation of the structure that is perceived by humans which is still distorted and filtered.

In transmutation, we are taking the degraded, the heavy, the limited, the greedy and hoarding, the violent, the fearful energies, and we are shifting the frequency much, much higher. You are doing this in gatherings of 2 of more, beloveds. We are doing it with positive intention and those energies are being changed in form so that the new structures coming into place are about cooperation, collaboration, and cocreation, beloveds.

This is indeed a most auspicious time. But as change generates great fear, especially in the minds of men, and because some have been disproportionately benefitting from the uneven distribution of wealth and the hoarding of wealth and power in social, societal, cultural and political structures, those major figures are quaking. They are lashing out in great fear, and so what is coming forth on your newsfeeds in your everyday media – the information which you are exposed to, has been highly filtered to generate and to perpetuate this fear, this sense of lack and limitation, anger, hatred and distrust, beloveds.

And we implore you to hold tight to the HIGHEST FREQUENCY of those energies, so beloveds we are not rejecting them in terms of being “afraid of fear”. We are asking you to hold tight to the highest frequency within that spectrum which is safety, which is protection. We are asking you to hold tight not to the principles of greed or lack and lmitation, but of abundance, cooperation, collaboration; we are asking you to hold tight beloveds, not to anger and hatred, but to visible, true honoring. This is a much higher vibration than tolerance and acceptance, beloveds. This is love, but love is not easily understood, and therefore we need to understand the different words and expressions that fall into the frequency of love… and so rather than holding fast to the energies of polarity we wish to implore and invite you to hold fast to the frequency of unity, and in unity there is abundance, there is great shared love. There is a common thread or a common goal, which is welfare of all beings, beloveds.

And so at this time beloveds, take a pause. Step back.

Turn off your monitor. Turn off your device. If for just one day.

To transmute the messages that have been coming forth with ever-greater frequency during this volatile time. Because indeed it is a volatile time in human consciousness. However – we wish to remind you that we are bringing forth the new earth, beloveds. And so if you may permit yourself to discharge yourself and excuse yourself from the need to be constantly connected to “news” – for at least one day – beloveds, holding in your consciousness, for that day, what you call possibility, what you call optimism, what you call hope; what we call absolute reality.

And rather than projecting your collective fears or energies or consciousness into specific figure heads, which creates or perpetuates more of a chasm, we rather invite you to channel and pour forth all of the energy that you have freed within your consciousness by discharging from the barrage of data; we invite you to channel and pour forth your purified energies into the great web of possibility of global human evolution, beloveds.

And we wish to inform you that you can place the very qualities and characteristics that you so desire into that space, into that web, and allow that web to feed the earth, to feed the globe, to feed the consciousness of all sentient beings and indeed, to magnify it out into the universe.

Believe it for all beings, beloveds. Empowerment. Sovereignty. Abundance. Prosperity. Love. Goodwill. Honoring. These – these are the divine attributes that are available to humanity.

Hold yourselves in the space of love and possibility, believing this to be so. Believing it to be true.

As you breathe, release the need to control anything.

As you exhale your breaths, release your clinging energies to anything.

There is no need to cling to the old or familiar now.

As you breathe in, breathe in this possibility, this exaltation.

And as you breathe out, again, release that clinging.

God is love. God is always with us. God is always with you. And doing your actions on earth, holding to the principles of love, you will be safe. Rejoice.

—-End transmission —-

Copyright 2016, Marnie McKnight-Favell, Dragonfly Holistic, LLC. Please do not reproduce or share without written permission of the author.

The Climate of Letting Go (A Mercury Retrograde Post)



Oh, friend. I am so immersed in planetary shifts and the inner shifts which have been occurring through these changing times. And I have simultaneously been on an ever-deeper journey of Loving Myself.

You may be asking, “As a healer, don’t you already love yourself?” And the answer is yes, BUT.

Yes! I love myself. I love my Self. I’m learning more every day about my Self. And I’m learning how to lovingly care for Me.

BUT, Love is an inside job, and it can entail a great deal of un-learning. It involves constant checking in. For me, it is a process and it involves many layers. This process is so rich. It is fascinating. I am discovering that this particular process has to do with letting go of that which does not support Love.

Because Love is our essential nature. It is who we are beneath all of the layers of identity. Love is our pure divine Self. God is Love, and we are, too.

And so every day, I check in with myself and I discern what is nurturing this Love, and what is detracting from it. I have been working to design my days around Self-care. This means paying attention to my energies, ensuring I am properly hydrated, getting enough rest (which turns out is more rest than I thought I needed to get by), weeding out foods that cause imbalance, eating foods that nurture balance and healing, and supporting my emotional wellbeing by taking good care of my thoughts and feelings. As I develop these habits, in turn I become a greater vehicle for  the distribution of Love.

How do you monitor your own Self-care? What is essential for you in this inquiry?

I’m a deeply emotionally wired being.

Feelings are my orientation.

Feeling deeply is my jam.

And so purifying and elevating my emotions is a significant focus on my journey. Perhaps this resonates for you. Or perhaps you are more of a thinker. An assessment using a personality type indicator such as MBTI can help you to get a good sense of your personality and how you function and interact with your environment.

Knowing how you’re wired to respond to your environment and life experiences, you’re better equipped to provide your own custom Self-care. Understanding your constitutional makeup is equally important to creating balance and wellness.

Four times a year, Mercury Retrograde appears on our astrological radar. Virtually everyone knows about it to some degree. During this three week cycle (give or take the pre- and post- phase), we can feel the slowing down or distortion of communications; the awkwardness of misunderstandings or mistakes; and also the revelations of systems not working to our best advantage.

This is a favorable time to declutter our lives, from the inside out. One aspect of this decluttering is to acknowledge what old patterns of thoughts, feelings, and emotions continue to trigger us into struggle or suffering, and to dispatch the patterns.

What are your triggers?

What has felt especially raw lately for you?

Have you been struggling with the prickly parts of your own personality?

Do you feel so totally over it already?

This is a beautiful time to illuminate it:

Shine the light on the self-imposed illusion that you have been subscribing to.

Make peace with the realization. Love yourself and resolve to change what you are able to. In such times, with such energies, we often can transmute a large portion of the tricky old program in short order. Use these energies to shed that old skin. It’s not meant to stay on forever. Shine in your new body!

Here’s my story: I have been feeling a bit of emotional slip ’n slide since August. I’d been extremely aware of surfacing insecurities in my consciousness, and particularly around the energy of conflict. Let it be known: I don’t function well with conflict! It’s like my kryptonite. So I was already feeling extra vulnerable to begin with. This challenging period for me was taking place between the start of Mercury Retrograde and the Solar Eclipse at the end of August, and peaked just before September 9, also known in lightworkers’ circles as the 999 portal. Oh, and I was also in my moon time, so there was quite a lot happening all at once with regards to shedding, detoxification, and letting go.

LETTING GO is a huge theme during Mercury Retrograde, and it is also a central focus for the energies of a 999 portal, since 999 signals completion of a cycle in preparation for an all-new beginning of a new phase of life or consciousness.

As I encountered a truly bizarre experience of conflict on the 7th (someone snubbed me and made it clear that they harbored deep, longstanding resentment towards me), I walked away from the experience which felt both absurd and annoying. And I had a weird feeling. The feeling of “I’ve been here before.” And it felt perplexing, because as I’d analyzed it in the past, this particular conflict felt unprompted. Out of left field. Often we know on some level when we have  have instigated conflict, either willingly or unwillingly; perhaps we have delivered a message poorly, or have been out of sorts and said or done the wrong thing. But this felt really random. And yet not isolated. It was familiar.

And this means I have some investment in the conflict.

Let me repeat that: When the conflict or struggle repeats, or has a predictable or recognizable pattern – even if I didn’t specifically appear to create the struggle, I have some investment in it. I’m buying into it. On some weird level, I am somehow perpetuating it by reacting and allowing it into my energy field.

This is about boundaries. 

And so for me, I felt ignited by this incident. I created a spontaneous ritual for myself: A Ritual of Closure and Nullification For All Dissonance, Conflict, and Struggle. This ritual did not require an ornate setup or scripted language. It occurred in the very same “a-ha” moment where I realized what was coming up for me.

This is how I work with my self-healing:

  1. I acknowledge the struggle I am preparing to transmute.
  2. I state my intention for the alchemy.
  3. I utilize the language of closure, and I utilize a positive narrative.

During this powerful moment in time, I canceled any and all psychic agreements or beliefs or contracts I may have held in the past relating to conflict or having adversaries. And in doing so, I realized and acknowledged that not everyone is going to like me. And I may not like everyone. And it’s OK. As long as we have mutual respect and hold integrity for the other, it’s OK.

I no longer accept the bad behavior of others as an influencer in my well-being. I won’t engage in it, and I no longer allow it into my field. My choice is to coexist peacefully with others, even if they don’t like me. I mean, it’d be cool if we could actually speak kindly to one another, but in the spirit of transcendence, integrity and spiritual evolution, I strive to walk the higher ground, and I am now asserting that others do so with me.

This is a far cry from the terrified girl who had endured years of brutal bullying in junior high and high school, felt isolated and vulnerable, and who just wanted to be accepted, to be liked.

This is a woman, more fully merging with her divinity, her sovereignty, and really owning more and more of my Self, with accountability, and wielding vulnerability as an asset. Integrating and transmuting what were lead weights of insecurity, and learning how to turn that consciousness into veritable gold.

Mercury goes direct any day now. But this potential still exists to look within our selves, illuminate our shadows, and set the intention to cut loose the ties that bind us to old and expired thoughts and belief systems.

How’s your journey going?

With love,




(photo credit: Myrriah Jannette; taken at the Sacred Birthkeepers Retreat 2016)

You’re in crisis and I’m getting excited for you?

Happy retro-styled Caucasian woman on phone in kitchen

It’s true! I am on the phone while you’re pouring your heart out, and I’m feeling thrilled for you.

…I mean, what’s up with that? That sounds, at the very least, weird – and at the worst, mean. 

But hey, listen. You know me. At least, you know me well enough to know that I’m not someone who enjoys the pain or suffering of others. My work is dedicated to helping you through to the other side of the mountain, where you feel freedom and joy. I want to help alleviate the intensity of your suffering. So why am I saying that I get excited for you when you’re in crisis?

OK, hold on; let’s take a closer look at what I mean when I describe this. 

I meet with prospective and new clients on a very regular basis. About once in every ten of these introductory meetings, I speak with someone who rocks my socks. I get goosebumps all over my skin, and my heart skips a beat, and I feel thrilled to hear the words being spoken on the other end of the line. I get absorbed in the words and the energy, and on a very deep level, I begin to buzz. It’s almost like that feeling you get when you fall for someone – it feels electric.

Wait, what?

You probably have an idea of how I work, if you haven’t yet worked with me. I’m an intuitive healer and an energy channel, which means that I’m working on a different level when I’m speaking with you in session. My awareness is attuned to a different realm of consciousness, and I am listening to the frequency in addition to the words being spoken. What you are exuding in our conversation is being received in a different way than in a typical discussion. An energetic space has been established for some really miraculous stuff to transpire, and in our time together, the potential is pretty exciting to begin with. I appreciate every one of these conversations.

So that one in ten conversations that sends me buzzing? That gets me excited? It’s because you’re sharing that the point in process where you are on the precipice of quantum transformation. There is a palpable sense of excitement in the tension, in the friction, in the urgency of your energies coming forth. This is alchemy in the making! And I’m a huge nerd for alchemy. In my early twenties, I had the opportunity to briefly meet and learn a little bit from Dennis William Hauck about spiritual alchemy, and I have since applied my comprehension of the 7 steps of alchemical transformation to my personal work as well as the work I do with clients. I’ve included a few links in case you’re a nerd like me.

About the process of understanding this kind of alchemy:

When I speak with you in a healing session, I am picking up on the words you’re using that describe your own stake in the situation: your sense of personal responsibility for your process, the claustrophobic discomfort of that stagnant energy or consciousness that is on its way out (but strongly sitting at the surface of your awareness), the love of your Self that has you yearning for the next step of your journey. And I’ve been there! So many times that I’m familiar with the feeling. Like mountain climbers, when we get to the next level we acclimate, then we take the next step. And then the next step. Sometimes we need assistance. Sometimes we come to pause and catch our breath. Sometimes we feel like we cannot take the next step, and we need encouragement. When you call me, you are in one of these places. Often it’s to seek encouragement and guidance to get to the next step. It’s also typically to help unpack some of the stuff that is weighing you down so that you are able to take those next steps with ease and confidence.

A life event most often prompts this shift and opens the portal to transformation. In my work, it’s typically the birth of your baby which catapults you into a state where you feel fragmented, perhaps traumatized, perhaps confused, perhaps frightened. Maybe it was your birth experience. Or perhaps it was your postpartum journey. Maybe it was the adjustment to motherhood on a deeper level. This shift feels earth-shattering, because in the story of your life, it is. The foundation of your world feels like it’s quaking, because everything is shifting. It can be a beautiful opportunity to make a transition. In my experience, these life-altering experiences can be amazing doorways to change and growth, and when you are properly supported through this time, you will discover how incredible you are.

Now, everyone who calls me with an interest in working privately with me is hurting, suffering, in discomfort and struggling to make the next step towards healing and integration. But we don’t always end up working together. It’s that special connection that happens when you are in the magical phase I’m describing that makes my heart race and my skin get goosebumps. You don’t tend to see this conversation as exciting and magical; you aren’t sure why I am excited for you. Because you’re huddled in place, baring your soul, sharing things you have been holding so close for so long that they’ve been deeply hidden. They seem dark, mysterious. You feel enslaved by them. Maybe you don’t like the thing about yourself that you are sharing with me. But you aren’t blaming anyone else. You’re feeling stuck, but you see that it’s possible to get unstuck, and you know that you are responsible to get there. You are aware that you can shift this inside of yourself, but you aren’t sure how. This is where I come in. It begins with me really hearing you and understanding the nature of the shift, and to share my perspective with you on a metaphysical level – how and where your feelings get lodged in your memory and your physical body. 

The reason that I get so excited is because I’ve seen how profound the potential for change is! The women I have worked with who have experienced the most mind-blowing transformations have often come to me almost unable to share their deep, dark stuff, but simultaneously they are unable to keep it inside anymore, because they have felt that quantum shift begin to move inside of them on such a deep level. And once you’re there, you truly cannot turn back. And that can feel terrifying, but it’s divine.

Caroline Myss Quantum shift quote

Women are very process oriented. We tend to delve inward in order to clear away dross to make the next steps. As a healer, my work supports you in clearing and shifting those energies and that dross and helping to clear the runway for your takeoff. And so I guess you could say I preemptively celebrate or jump a bit for joy when you call me in this state of fear and trepidation, when your consciousness is stepping you to the edge of the nest so that you can test our your wings and see how you’ll fly. Because you are meant to fly, and I feel privileged to facilitate this process as you prepare for flight. 

Put into those terms, it doesn’t sound so terrible now, does it? 😉

Are you nearing the edge of your nest, getting ready to test your wings? I am currently accepting new clients into my private practice – contact me to schedule your Clarity Session today!

Sending you love,



What I’ve learned from Quan Yin


“Healer, heal thyself.”

This phrase is true for all within the Healer archetype. We are only as equipped to assist others as our own progress of Self-inquiry, healing and integration. As such, I Am a work in progress, and I continue along my own healing journey as I walk this path. Recently I had a psychic download of information regarding Yin energy as I seek my own replenishment and rebalancing.

Each day I give thanks to my partners in healing: be it my teacher, my fellow healing practitioners with whom I consult/receive treatments, the medicinal plants and substances I receive, the presence of Love in my life. One morning as I contemplated my Yin supporting formula, I offered it deep gratitude as I had been advised that it would be a support for me for some time to come. And suddenly it occurred to me to think about the etymology of Yin, and to look more closely at the name Quan Yin, who I utilize as a guide in my healing work with women (and myself!). This could be a lengthy study, but I’ll share a very brief overview of my contemplation:

Quan may translate to “spring” or “whole”. Yin being the feminine principle, also translated as “moon” or “shade”.
Quan Yin may then be translated as whole (or entire) feminine principle; wellspring of feminine energy; entire shade (or shadow); whole moon, etc. And we all know Her healing association as the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Bodhi = awakening, or knowledge, or intellect, and sattva = purity, divinity, illumination. Compassion is defined as “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.”

As I consider my status of yin building, I am compelled to really consider what building that energy really means. And this, to me, informs my healing practice at a much higher level as I strive to best understand the clients who seek me out and to find the most sincere support to help you to integrate your experiences and find sovereignty, empowerment, and lasting inner peace.

Are we being called to rebuild our yin? To reclaim our entire feminine principle? To bring forth all of the moon, to encompass the shade? What will it mean to heal the wound of separation? Will it mean to fill the void with divine awareness? What connection will surface as a result of re-membering? And the heart of connection is an essential element to this type of healing. How do we source that connection to Self so that we feel able to easily and magnetically connect with our loved ones?

How many of we women are yin deficient in this turning time after several millennia of the subjugation of the feminine principle?

So this is how I tend to ruminate on matters of healing and connection.

2016 is bringing forth an expansion of the work I’m doing into the global birthing and birth healing community. I am called to deliver this work broadly at this time, and so I want you to be aware of special opportunities to work privately with me as well as to join me for a community circle, a class or event, as well as my online work.

Birth Story Circles are a way for us to connect in a group setting, where you will meet other women who help to hold the healing space for you and where you can hold this space for others. The sharing of our stories is profoundly validating and offers integration in quietly surprising ways. These are my gift to the community and so Birth Story Circles are free this year.

Call or write to me to learn more about how I can assist you in your Self-healing process, through these learning opportunities, private healing work, or community events. Every session is unique, every event is different, and each gathering is touched by its own special magic. I’m always excited to see what transpires. I’m beginning the 4-week Online Birth Trauma Clearing Program for Professionals! I’m working with a group of professionals from around the world to address the deeper emotional-spiritual-mental impacts of birth trauma and how to address birth healing at a very deep level. Next month, I’ll be live in NYC working with doulas, midwives, and other birth pros to offer this work in person! Let me know if you’re one of the cutting edge birthkeepers who will be doing this work with me!

With kindness,

Your invitation to join me as a pioneer in birth trauma healing

Here is your invitation to join me for the deeper work of Birth Trauma Healing!

Hi, Birthkeeper!

Yesterday I hosted an encore call from the talk I had with you on January 12. We began our talk discussing the deeper layers of birth healing. We also discussed the emotional imprints of trauma, the metaphysical blueprints of how birth trauma gets held and carried within the physical, emotional, and mental bodies and how your birthing clients – and you yourself – carry that memory forward if it is not properly cleared. We discussed how important it is to understand this so that you are not projecting past memory into the present or future in your work with clients.

We also discussed how, with this knowledge, it is possible to help clients to find deeper healing, and for you to clear the slate for yourself in anticipation of attending a birth as well as after a birth.
This information is not possible to cover in just one hour. There is a complex amount more I want to share with you. This will revolutionize how you view and address trauma within your practice, and radically change how you can serve and support your birthing mothers. This is trailblazing work, and when you join me in this work, you will be in the pioneering realm of birth trauma healing.

Birth trauma is not merely a concept – you are well aware of this. You have likely experienced or witnessed trauma in the birthing space, and you may anticipate it again. Are you ready to add personal skills and tools to your skill set as a birth professional so mentally and energetically shield yourself and to assist your client in addressing potential trauma with her?

The series that I’m offering is a hands-on approach to creating awareness within yourself and equipping yourself to empower your birth practice.

Register now for the 4-week online series and you can attend this program for a one-time price of $97. I feel so strongly about this groundbreaking body of work that I’m making it available to you and I sincerely hope you are saying YES to empowered birth healing in 2016!

There has been an issue with my web hosting service and so please refer to the new event registration link here: Register for the series via Eventbrite!

One question remains: Are you ready to be at the cutting edge of birth trauma support in 2016?

I’m delighted to join with you if you are one of the amazing birthkeepers called to gather with me now!

With gratitude for you and the work that you do,

UPDATE: Birth Trauma Clearing Program for Professionals – note new start date!

Birth Trauma Clearing Banner 2 Dec 2015

4-Week Series beginning February 2, 2016 – NEW DATE!

Class will run on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:00 PM EST / 10:00-11:00 AM PST  / 6:00-7:00 PM UK

There has been overwhelming feedback from the teleclass that I hosted on January 12. Because many subscribers are still catching up with the content, I am going to push the start date to February 2 to give everyone enough time to get caught up and enroll.

Hello, Birthkeeper! I welcome you to this space with honor and love. Thank you for supporting the lineage of mothers, babies, and families through your work.

I know that you feel called by your work to uphold the highest ideals of supporting women during the sacred event of pregnancy and childbirth. Because of the deeply personal and spiritually aligned nature of your work, I feel called to work with you as a healer to help provide you with tools which can help to keep you as well as your clients filled with a wellspring of support.

The landscape of birth has shifted. Deep wisdom and knowledge of birth is taught in many traditions and throughout many global lineages. In modern society, much of this tradition has been replaced with technology and bureaucracy. Mothers are increasingly steered away from the natural process of birth, with unfortunate results: As many as 34% of women report experiencing birth trauma. (Source:  That’s 1 in 3 birthing women.

Many of your clients are subjected to this environment of birth trauma. Women are struggling to process births that have been marked by coercion, threats, intimidation and bullying in the birth space, aggressive procedures and interventions without mother’s consent.

When you have witnessed or endured such dynamics in the birth space, it can leave you feeling powerless, angry, and challenged to provide the full level of support you and your client anticipated for her birth. You may find that it also leaves you trying to pick up the pieces along with her after the fact, and depending on the resources you have within your toolkit, you may be struggling to offer the requisite support for your mothers.


  • Having the ability to prepare for, and possibly prevent, some of the events you witness
  • Enlightening your practice and your clients
  • Finding a sense of closure, peace, and clarity after each birth
  • Becoming an active support for your peers


  • A new paradigm of birth
  • Being a herald of change within the birth community

Are you curious how to imagine this into reality?

We will be delving into this for an in-depth, four-week series beginning on February 2.

During this four-week, hourly series, I will discuss with you:

  • How to prepare mentally and emotionally to attend birth in a centered and focused manner
  • How to effectively identify birth trauma, often in advance of your client’s birth
  • How to guide clients toward healing and processing of their birth

This is the official launch of the Online Birth Trauma Clearing Program for Professionals!

Register now!

I would like to make the introductory rate of $197 available to YOU.

If you are ready to radically shift your perspective on birth process and birth trauma and to make definitive changes in your practice, this 4-week series is for you!

Register by January 31!


“I am so fortunate to have the chance to collaborate with Marnie McKnight-Favell of Dragonfly Holistic. Over the past several years, we have partnered on a variety of different projects, and every time we work together, she inspires me toward an even more powerful vision and a richer experience. I can attest to Marnie’s passion for universal growth and healing and her extensive knowledge in the areas of homeopathy, light energy, yoga, and meditation.

Her personal and individualized approach to clients and colleagues is not just business; it’s the way she navigates the world. I recommend Marnie McKnight-Favell and Dragonfly Holistic wholeheartedly and without reservation.” ~ Erica Chase-Salerno, Wyld Acres Pregnancy Intuitive & Energy Healing

About Marnie:

141A1108I am the owner of Dragonfly Holistic, LLC.  I am a homeopath and energy healer supporting women. My work helps mothers who have experienced birth trauma to safely, gently, and deeply process and integrate their birth, guiding them in illumination and peace, deeper trust in themselves, and freedom to move forward in their mothering journey and for subsequent pregnancies. As a healer, I have worked in support of the healing and integration of trauma with women for over a decade.

Through Dragonfly Holistic, I weave skilled energy healing technique, coaching support, meditation and yoga practices to help women to anchor deeply and process their healing with empowerment and grace. Dragonfly Holistic has been my private practice since 2004.

The Online Birth Trauma Clearing Program Begins January 19!

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Ready to go deeper into birth trauma healing for yourself and your clients? Are you prepared for the quiet revolution of healing transformation? We take the next step on January 19!

Introducing the official launch of the Online Birth Trauma Clearing Program!

This four week online class is designed to take the topic of birth trauma healing ever deeper and to provide you with tools to take with you at work and in your personal life.

During this 4-week, hourly series, we will blend structured learning with intuitive healing work.

You will receive:
– instruction about the human energy field
– mapping of cellular memory
– mapping of trauma and birth trauma
– guidelines to learn how to map trauma from a cellular memory perspective for yourself and for your clients
– resources to share with clients seeking birth trauma support
– opportunity to dialogue with others about birth trauma healing in a facilitated space
– clearing techniques to apply for yourself and clients after attending a birth
– energetic/emotional preparation in advance of attending a birth
– weekly meditations
– a remote group healing service
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This launch is being offered at a one-time rate of $247 to celebrate the launch of the program!

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I’m so glad that we have connected on this important matter. Birth Trauma has been gaining greater awareness over the past several years, and it is time to look more deeply at why it happens, how it happens, and how to address it more specifically for yourself and for your birth clients. This opportunity to gather together is a special one; it offers the potential for true and lasting change in the birth environment and birthing culture worldwide.

If you’re ready to go deeper, I’ll see you next week!

With kindness,

Online Birth Trauma Clearing Program for Birth Professionals Launches Next Week!


Birth Trauma has gotten a lot of press in the recent months, with good reason: as many as 34% of women report experiencing birth trauma. (Source:  That’s 1 in 3 birthing women.

Due to the nature of my work and my client base, far more than 1 in 3 women come to me seeking healing support for their traumatic births. Trauma can stem from various situations, and can be triggered in different ways for the individual experiencing it.

On a metaphysical level, trauma memory is stored within our cellular memory. We hold onto emotions, memories, beliefs, and experiences. 

Memories of events create imprints within our consciousness, which we hold in our body in certain ways. Trauma may, for example, imprint in the solar plexus, stomach, and adrenals, on an energetic level. This can mean we feel the emotion in the stomach, and we may generate a physiological response based in those emotions. Some birth trauma may be related to the sacral and root chakras, and therefore a woman who has experienced birth trauma may hold the energy in the sacrum to the tailbone, which can affect intimacy with self and partner. 

Recently I was interviewed by Michelle Horton at Babble magazine regarding my work supporting the healing of birth trauma. You can read the article here.

In addition to mothers, birth professionals have approached me to address how birth trauma affects them personally – to bear witness to trauma in the birth space and to feel challenged as a birth advocate in a sometimes hostile birth environment. You may, knowingly or unknowingly, carry forth those experiences into your subsequent client birthing spaces. That carries an impact risk to your clients.

For midwives, doulas, and L&D nurses:

•How often have you witnessed a client’s traumatic birth experience in the delivery space? 

•Do you know how to identify it in the 1 in 3 of your clients?

•How do you prepare to work in the medical birth environment

•How do you process traumatic experiences you encounter in the birthing space?

I’m very excited to offer you the opportunity to study with me for four weeks, to gain a better understanding of the energetic-emotional-spiritual nature of birth trauma, and to address it within ourselves and practice.

During these weekly, hour-long sessions, you will gain:

•An understanding of the broad impact of birth trauma

•New techniques for centering and focusing in the birth space

•Effective strategies for working in the difficult birthing environment

•Techniques for psychically clearing your own energies after a difficult birth (or any birth!)

•Tools to support a client after a traumatic birth

•The feeling of being nourished, clear, and recharged

This four-week series will kick off with a pre-course launch. I am hosting a FREE teleconference next Tuesday, January 12. This call will provide you with an overview of the metaphysical perspective on trauma and how birth trauma affects mothers, families, and you, the birth professional.  Registration details for the free teleconference are here. The four-week series will begin on January 19, and will run through February 9. Details will be up on the website on the 12th, at the conclusion of the free call.

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I’m excited to take this conversation to the next level – a deeper level – and to help professionals to navigate the realm of birth trauma with healer’s eyes, and to add a new dimension of understanding to their birth toolkit. This work can take the conversation to impactful healing and integration to help awaken and empower women, mothers, and communities if we come together and take a deeper look at it.

The time has come to take a deeper look at the obstacles to the sacredness of birth. I am bringing my insights and skills as a seasoned healer, a Priestess, and an advocate to the table to add a new dimension to what we are discussing in the context of birth trauma support.

I stand for mothers and families – I know you do as well. Won’t you join me in this field of change?

With kindness,