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As we prepare to work together, I’d like to share a bit about myself and my journey so you can understand the context in which you and I will connect through our healing sessions. I am an energy healer and a priestess in service to the Divine. My work is to provide emotional-spiritual support and guidance to my clients to help provide illumination, deep self-understanding, and tools to transform their lives.

I have been a healer my entire life. I have been cultivating my gift since early adulthood. I experienced my own personal healing transformation between the ages of 19-24, when I experienced physical illness-turned-healing and profound spiritual awakening that reframed my awareness of personal, global, and cosmic existence. What followed was a journey of deep healing, self-inquiry, initiations in sacred mysteries, comprehensive training in alternative healing modalities, and the cultivation of a body of spiritual healing and teaching work rooted in Divine Mother Mystery Traditions. Through my work at Dragonfly Holistic, I help to awaken and empower women, guiding you from a crisis point to a state of sovereignty and absolute Self-love and dignity, with the awareness that women are Wayshowers for the new earth.

Energy healing has always been a part of my awareness. I have had an affinity for hands-on healing my entire life and have self-studied and explored healing touch since I was in primary school. In 1997 I was attuned in Reiki levels I and II, and in 2002 and 2003 I was attuned and trained in Integrated Energy Therapy ® or IET ®. I am an IET Master-Instructor and in addition to doing hands-on work with clients, I teach and attune students in IET as well. I completed seven years of training in classical homeopathy, including a three-year program in homeopathic theory and practice through the IACH, as well as four years of professional and clinical training through the Teleosis and Maya schools of homeopathy in New York City.

I am a nationally certified yoga instructor and received over 500 hours of instructor training, and I have been sharing yoga instruction for over 12 years with students of all ages, from newborns to grownups, specializing in working with expectant mothers. The meditation services that I offer to my clients are based on my yoga study and practice.

In 2004 I founded Dragonfly Holistic, LLC. Through my work at Dragonfly Holistic, I have assisted people in shifting energy, habits and belief patterns, as well as helping people to find an expanded sense of peace, joy, and love in their lives, for both self and others.

One aspect of my services is ministerial work. I received my ordination by Rev. Daniel Chesbro through the Sanctuary of the Beloved in 2005. As a legally ordained interfaith minister I offer spiritual counseling as well as legal officiation of sacred rites, including baptisms and weddings. During the time of my ordination, I also received several levels of initiation into the Order of Magdalen and was initiated as a priestess of Divine Mother Isis through Dona Ho Lightsey at the Violet Alchemy Mystery School. My work in Empowered Feminine has its roots within this alchemical system of Divine Feminine Mysteries.

In 2006 I met my spiritual teacher, Swami Shri Ashutosh Muni, or Bapuji, as he is lovingly addressed. I have had the privilege of private study with Bapuji since that time. My own path has been forever touched by his grace and I continue to deepen my exploration of love, service, and devotion in every aspect of my life through my continued studies with him.

I live and work in Hudson Valley, New York with my husband and daughter, as well as three rescue kittens. I see clients in my Poughkeepsie, Beacon, and Rhinebeck offices, as well as working with clients internationally through Skype sessions. My work is also available through online workshops in spiritual and personal development. I also teach yoga classes, including prenatal yoga, at The Yoga Way, an official affiliate of Lakulish Yoga, and a dedicated facility for teaching the tenets of classical yoga in the spirit and honor of Bapuji’s teachings.

You can book your Clarity Session with me to get started and find out more about how my unique body of work can support you!

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EandKidsMay2013“I am so fortunate to have the chance to collaborate with Marnie McKnight-Favell of Dragonfly Holistic. Over the past several years, we have partnered on a variety of different projects, and every time we work together, she inspires me toward an even more powerful vision and a richer experience. I can attest to Marnie’s passion for universal growth and healing and her extensive knowledge in the areas of homeopathy, light energy, yoga, and meditation. Her personal and individualized approach to clients and colleagues is not just business; it’s the way she navigates the world. I recommend Marnie McKnight-Favell and Dragonfly Holistic wholeheartedly and without reservation.” ~ Erica Chase-Salerno, Wyld Acres Pregnancy Intuitive & Energy Healing www.wyldacres.com

294988_434436589916807_504864996_nI will admit I was initially wary of using or seeking out any sort of energy healing as my nature tends to question all things. After experiencing some difficult emotional patches in my life including the reconnecting with my father after many years of estrangement as well as a transitioning relationship with my teenage daughter I sought out Marnie for assistance. My hope was to connect with the myriad of feelings I was having on a daily basis in a way that would allow me to process them from a more natural and objective state.

Marnie instantly made me feel at ease. She listened to me and without prying knew what questions to ask in order to get to the root of my individual needs. I felt that she was in tuned to the basic and true me. Before I knew it, emotions, pictures and words were coming from the root of me and flowed between us. Marnie not only guided me through the process but helped to listen afterwards, put meaning to what she could and assist with the flood of emotion that was now coursing through me. I am very grateful for her experience and assistance.

AmyB, owner, Tipsy Turtle Henna Body Art, Highland, NY


I went to go see Marnie to help with an emotional blockage that was hindering my relationship with my partner. It was of a very personal nature, and Marnie immediately made me feel comfortable while she took a history. Quickly, I was able to relax and express my feelings, knowing I was in safe and non-judgmental place. She did energy work on me. The energy work was cathartic, soothing and very productive. She gave me a visual representation of my blockage, a tool to bring home in my personal meditation. It is a representation that I frequently use to this day.

Kim Mule, owner, Three Sisters Herbals