We have found one another for a reason.


I see you.

I know you.

I welcome you.

You are safe here.

Dear mother, my sister, I honor you. Our work together is sacred and meaningful.

Becoming a Mother is profound and transforming. Birthing a child is one of the most significant life events.

It takes time to heal and adjust to this experience. Throughout so many ages, and even today in many cultures, this healing time is held as a holy time of deep care and nurturing. I know that you sense this, even if this has not been your story.

Making postpartum adjustments is critical for all mothers. Even after an uncomplicated delivery, mothers require rest and healing. When your birth experience is marked by traumatic events: medical complications, difficult interventions, or unexpected outcomes, the healing becomes more complex – physically, emotionally, spiritually. This can take time and requires deep support.

It is essential for you to process, heal, and find closure for a difficult birthing. Our modern Western society is not designed to provide the multi-layered support necessary after a multi-layered childbirth experience. Luckily, there are support systems in place.

The work we do together offers this unique type of support through:

  • deep emotional and spiritual nurturing
  • energetic frequency healing in a supportive space
  • custom healing created specifically for you

Here you can:

  • Gently process your experience
  • Deepen your connection with your child
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and partner
  • Find more ease of being in the world
  • Nurture your love for your own self
  • Discover more about your strengths and your own gifts while you are held in a safe space. 

My services include transformational energy healing and coaching work. This customized work between me and you provides a strong foundation for your self-inquiry and self-healing work.

The work you and I do together includes:

  • active listening
  • metaphysical dialogue about your position in your process
  • applied meditation and breath techniques
  • custom self-study work alongside your experience receiving profound vibrational healing

These unique support programs I provide to you weave are designed to help you to get back to balance, love, and self-nurturing. As a homeopath, I also offer a homeopathic model of constitutional support for you. Inquire with me about my homeopathic services within my practice. 

The services and programs I offer are ideal for you if you have experienced birth trauma, postpartum issues, or difficulty making adjustments to motherhood.

While I specialize in Birth Trauma healing, I also serve and support women who have experienced all trauma, and so you are invited to contact me to learn more about how my body of healing work can uniquely support your profound healing process at this time.

Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss how I can help you to get back into sync with yourself, your family, and in life.

With loving kindness,


photo credit: Myrriah Jannette

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